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Blogging for Peace


Stories from conflict zones about people committed to peacebuilding.

An Orchestra to Break 72 Years of Silence

If the populations of two countries but one nation haven't spoken to each other for decades how does one break this silence? When political measures keep failing, can a musical performance challenge the status quo, achieve the unthinkable? Continue reading

Stories of Peace


Looking for solutions and visions


PeacePrints is seeking positive images and stories of intercultural coexistence across the world and brings to the fore new solutions and images from those regions of the world which we know almost only from negative headlines. PeacePrints finds inspiring peace visionaries and puts them into the limelight.

Impressions of Peace


Impressions of Peace

The Blog is dedicated to the space between the portraits; it captures the everyday life of the visited country through snapshots, encounters, coincidences, reflections and questions for the world.


I look forward to your questions, comments and suggestions.

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